Whether your needs are simply a second camera operator, maybe you have a jumble of footage that needs organising and editing into a finished product, or you’re looking for a start to finish video production service, I’ve got you covered.

Have a look at the options below and please get in touch for a full quote, if you need more information or have specific requirements not listed here.


From £450

If you already have a vision, a project, a crew, and need someone to shoot it for you, or you’re lacking the shooters you need to cover every angle.


From £450

So you’ve wrapped your shooting, got your footage, but no idea how to turn those gigabytes of raw awesomeness into an engaging, entertaining final product?

Film Production

From £900

Our most common option. You have a product or service you want to get out there, an event or experience that needs documenting, or simply want to preserve something unique in moving pictures, and don’t know where to start?

This is where I come in – we’ll communicate and co-ordinate to get locations, talent and dates organised, get out there, shoot the thing, cover all the angles, whittle the footage down into a little chunk of awesome, and get it sent out into the world just the way you want it.


From £450

Not a fan of moving pictures? No problem.

Events, portraiture, weddings, sports, pets, food, I’ve covered it all, with a lot of telephoto, a few cheeky wides, a bunch of depth of field and a pinch of flair. Check our Photography Portfolio and get excited, because you’re going to be looking your best when we’re done with you.

And with rapid turnaround as standard you won’t be waiting until next week to relive those memories or get your post-event PR online.


From £95

So you’ve got your project, you’ve edited it, but you’re still not sure if it’s any good? Will it reach your target market, and if it does, will they be interested long enough to make an impact? The world of video promotion is a tough one, with a saturated market of content fighting for viewer fickle attention spans.

Remove the risk of doubt with a step-by-step breakdown and analysis of what you’re doing right, what may have gone wrong, and what to do next to really make an impact.


From £75

If you’ve got a business, workspace or homespace that needs a little ray of watery happiness injected into it’s atmosphere, and prints and photography won’t cut it, or your event or product needs some unique imagery to grab viewer attention, get in touch to see what I can do to help.

Commissions welcomed should you need something specific, or perhaps want your local surfspot or favourite break immortalised in a different way to the norm. We often have a constantly changing selection in stock ready to go as well.

Check the Art Page to see past pieces and wrap your head around my style.