A declining personal interest in bikes reversed itself several years ago and has gradually redeveloped into a year-round obsession! My first time shooting biking in almost 10 years was surprisingly successful with Norwegian pros Makken, Trond Hansen, Brage Vestavik and Andreas Vold all willing to get in front of the lens.


SF thumb


Multiple trips back and forth to Hafjell and Ål later and the project began to take shape, with Hillbilly Huckfest and Hafjell Bike Park assisting to really bring things together for the end result, one which will be the first of many projects focused on one of my favourite pastimes.

The project was shared around the world by the biggest websites in mountain biking, making the front page of (amongst others) Dirt, NSMB, IMB, Video of the Day on Pinkbike.com and many more!

Watch the full video below.



And if you’re wondering what the Sabretooth Fandango is…well, nobody knows!