Ice Cream 1.5 documents six English wakeboarders through one year of riding, traveling, highs, lows, injury and recovery in their homeland and beyond. ​​​​​​​
Released in 2018
Distribution: The Orchard  / 1091 Pictures
Released for sale /VOD via iTunes, Amazon Prime, Youtube and Vimeo Plus
Currently streaming free on Youtube and Amazon Prime

Film Length: 18 minutes
Shot over one year from June 2017 to July 2018
Premiered July 2018 at Plastic Playground international wakeboard event, released for sale October 2018.

Sponsored by Liquid Leisure, Sungod, Bro! Clothing
More than just a mashup of wakeboard action and never been done tricks captured with precision cinematography, be immersed in a journey through the world as seen in a rider's eyes, from the lakes and countryside of England at it's very finest, to Balinese paradise and tropical Philippine typhoons, the highs of adventure while spending winter on the road, to the lows of boredom and repetition, trapped at home by slow-healing injuries. 
Narrated by Midlands-born wordsmith Stephen Howells in his own particular way! 
Featuring the fearless, flip-crazy Peacock brothers Liam and Ryan, understated style master Matty Muncey, precision expert Joe Battleday, local hero Mikey Bland and multiple World Champion Nick Davies. Join the crew at home at Liquid Leisure, London, and the world's best wakeparks across Asia, including Thai Wakepark in Bangkok, Thailand, CWC in the Phillippines and Bali Wakepark, Indonesia, chasing warm weather, progression and good times.
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