Five dogs rescued from shelters tell the stories of their new lives after being adopted by owners in North Vancouver, who all happen to be mountain bikers...
Released in 2020
Distribution: Self Produced and Distributed

Film Length: Full Film 7 minutes 
5x 45sec Short Format Films for Social Media

Screened at VIMFF Film Festival and the VIMFF Festival Tour.

Supported by Firstmate Petfoods
It's pretty universally agreed that dogs are awesome - whether as trail dogs or best buddies.
But what many may not realise is how many former friends or would-be buddies are put to death every year. Whether lost, abandoned by their owners or suffering life on the streets, there's simply too many dogs for shelters to care for, which leads to many being euthanised, in some cases within days of arriving at a shelter. 10% may not sound like a lot, but in reality that equates to over 10,000 euthanised animals a year in Canada alone. In the US, the figure is closer to a staggering 1.2 million.
Trail Floof shows there can be a happy ending for stray and shelter dogs - join 5 North Vancouver puppers as they tell their stories living with their new owners who, whether first timers or experienced trailbuilders, are all taking their new friends out with them on the trails.
When production was complete, FirstMate Petfoods screened the film and came onboard to support the film and provide food to all the dogs and owners involved.
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