The Hardangerfjord is a beautiful fjord region in south western Norway. Pilchard Productions provides video and photo content to showcase the Fjord at it's very best throughout the year. 
A variety of film and photographic content showcasing the Hardangerfjord at it's best, optimised for web, screen and social media.

Content utilised at a local and national level by Visit Hardangerfjord and Fjord Norway, for promotion, tourist information, advertisements.

Content utilised internationally by the national Norwegian tourism agency, Visit Norway. 

Whether venturing into inaccessible areas of the fjord by boat, multi day hikes up rock faces and through snow drifts, or overnight stays in luxury spa hotels, Pilchard Productions takes camera equipment into all situations and documents the activities and attractions on offer in the Fjord , creating content for several agencies.

The resulting content is used on websites, social media, local advertising, tourism booths and screens, brochures, and by the businesses and agencies Visit Hardangerfjord works with. 

Even during the COVID pandemic, services were provided remotely - unable to produce more content, existing content was recut and remodelled to fit local audiences and the circumstances of a tourism sector unable to rely on foreign custom.
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